Dr. Giray (right), working with associates in Indonesia.

Our superior quality products are the result of 20+ years of research and development

Salmonics LLC was founded to commercialize products developed over the past 20 years by the R&D company Sea Run Holdings Inc. and to develop and market new reagents and products, such as fibronectin and serum, from blood harvested from farmed salmon. In collaboration with aquaculture companies providing the raw material, Salmonics creates a sustainable loop for a byproduct that would otherwise join the waste stream. Blood is collected using humane practices and processed under stringent conditions for purity. High quality proteins and reagents derived from salmon blood are utilized in regenerative medicine, cell proliferation, pain treatment and a variety of other research applications.

Salmonics LLC personnel and advisory board members combine expertise in a broad range of biomedical sciences, aquatic animal health and aquaculture, providing a productive interface between the research and commercial sectors.

Cem Giray, Ph.D.

After studying microbiology and oceanography, Cem Giray chose to pursue a career in the aquatic private sector, working briefly as an aquaculturist, then establishing a consulting company in the Middle East, and for the past 22 years serving in scientific and executive roles in Kennebec River Biosciences Inc., a private aquatic animal health company, where he has worked closely with aquaculture companies and regulatory entities worldwide. Dr. Giray has a strong appreciation for the role aquaculture will continue to play in global food security and believes that efforts to increase value for aquaculture products will in turn assist in sustainable healthy seafood production.

Scientific Advisory Board

Evelyn S. Sawyer, Ph.D.

Dr. Sawyer has a diverse background which combines academic work in zoology with experience in the aquaculture industry.  Dr. Sawyer earned a Ph.D in Zoology from the University of New Hampshire in 1974 while she was the biologist for the first salmon farm on the East Coast.  Dr. Sawyer continued working with fish as a pathologist for the Sea Grant Program until she founded Sea Run.  Dr. Sawyer guided Sea Run through the transition from salmon aquaculture to biotechnology and is a pioneer in the development of proteins, therapeutants and other reagents from salmon blood.  She is an author on 12 patents and numerous publications. 

Paul A. Janmey, Ph.D.

Dr. Janmey is a professor of physiology, physics and bioengineering at the Institute of Medicine and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.  He received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Wisconsin and was a research fellow at the Hematology-Oncology Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Dr. Janmey’s research interests include the interaction between cytoskeletal and extracellular matrix stiffness, effects of substrate mechanics on cell structure and function, phosphoinositide signaling for actin assembly, fibrin-based materials for wound healing, and intermediate filament assembly and mechanics. He was awarded the Humboldt Prize in 2007 for his research.

Salmonics CEO Cem Giray on working in Maine

Dr. Giray sums it up in about 30 seconds for a short Live + Work Maine spot.

Salmonics honored as “Top Innovator”

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We’ve hit the ground running

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